Reviews from some of our clients

Professional Staff & Clean Vehicles

Professional staff and drivers, clean vehicles. Driver took my family member into the building and to the doctor's office and waited with them until I arrived.

Joy, June 2021

Smooth Transfer For My Mom

I was so happy that I was referred to this father and son business. So nice speaking with them and they arranged super fast on transporting my mom from Gladwin to Livingston county nursing home.

My mom had an easy transfer with Devin’s help.
Thank you so much!!

Laura, May 2021

So Pleased With The Transfers We’ve Had

So pleased with the transfers we’ve had. The drivers were extremely helpful on top of being on time and pleasant. We will continue to use them when they are available.

Linda, May 2021

Great Experience!

"The man that transported my mom was wonderful! Great experience!"

Alana, March 2021

Safe And Reliable

"The staff at Papuga Transportation are very professional and were accommodating with several schedule changes. Thank you for providing a safe and reliable transportation solution for our elderly!"

Jeanette, February 2021

Excellent Customer Service

"Our family has been using Papuga Transportation for over 2 years to transport our mother who is wheelchair bound. They have excellent customer service from the minute you call to schedule a ride to the punctual and courteous drivers who carefully take your loved one to their destination.

One day this past fall, we had to schedule transportation for our mother to visit our father in the hospital. He was failing fast, and we wanted her to visit before he passed. I called Papuga in early afternoon and asked if there was any way to schedule roundtrip transportation to the hospital that same day. They had a full schedule but said they would call me back to see if they could work it out. Sure enough, within the hour, they called back and were able to take our mother to the hospital. Their business closes at 5:00, but the driver allowed my mother extra time to visit our father. We cannot tell you how much that meant to our family. Our father passed later that evening. Papuga helped with mom's transportation for the funeral.

We felt confident that our mother was well taken care of while being transported to several locations over a two-day period. We highly recommend this company."

Julie, February 2021

Highly Recommend Papuga

"I had a very good experience with Papuga today. I needed to take my 93-year-old mom to get the COVID vaccine, so this was important. Papuga really came through for me. Everything was as discussed. I was lucky to get Brandon as the driver. He was punctual, helpful, courteous, and generally very pleasant. I would highly recommend Papuga."

Rashmi, February 2021

Safe, Attentive, Courteous, Respectful Drivers

"I have been riding with this company for about a year and a half due to a terrible accident I was in. Several of the drivers have picked me up and brought me home from a lot of appts. But the driver that has impressed me the most is Brandon. He is safe, attentive, courteous, and respectful. He has always made sure that I have been able to both get in and out of the van with the casts and braces that I have had to wear. He makes sure that my seat belt is buckled for me, because I cannot use my left arm completely. He is conversational while still watching the traffic when we are driving. I truly think that Papuga is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and professional driver in their employ."

Barbara, January 2021

OUTSTANDING Transportation Organization

"Some thoughts for those looking for an OUTSTANDING Transportation organization.
I am writing this for YOU the reader who may be looking for an ideal organization with high ideals. My wife uses a wheelchair to get around and has frequent hospital appointments. Frequent is sometimes 3 times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

They will go out of their way to provide the kind of service you want and need for your loved one(s). From the first call to the office until you arrive safely back home you will find none better. If I were to make one small suggestion to you for improvement, it would be - don't change anything!"

Ray, December 2020

Excellent Service!

"Excellent service! I highly recommend and will definitely use again."

Julie, October 2020