Reviews from some of our clients

Very Friendly, Helpful

"The service was on time and Carl waited patiently while my mother's appointment went longer than expected. Very friendly, helpful employee."

Cheri, October 2021

Great Service.Great Staff.

"Great service/great staff. Very responsive and friendly. Totally satisfied!"

Mary, September 2020

Prompt And Courteous

"I have hired them three times.  They were always prompt and courteous.  They have a lot of experience driving people.  They did well driving to St. Joseph Mercy Health System in Ypsilanti in heavy driving conditions as well as in the dark.   They are honest about pricing as well."

Linda, September 2020

Quality With Value

"Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value"

Georgetta, July 2020

Excellent And Great Service!

"I was recovering from a broken leg. They took me from rehab to group home in a nice van and allowed me to go to drive through at bank and pharmacy. They also took me home and supervised me as I went up steps."

Linda, April 2020

Outstanding Service. Recommend Highly.

"Outstanding service, I recommend them highly, had four different drivers and each one excellent, I feel safe and secure, l need to be transported in a wheelchair and they help me each way , from my door to the office check in so I never feel alone and they come into the office to see if and when I may be ready for the ride home, I give out their phone number as much as I can, this company is excellent!"

Georgia, January 2020

Great Transportation Service

"Great transportation service. On time and Alex, the driver, was friendly, compassionate, and patient, especially when the appointment took much longer than anticipated."

Tina, January 2020

Quick, Reliable, And Very Respective

"We've use Papuga a few times to get mom home from the hospital and from rehab. they are quick, reliable, and very respective of our 89 yr. old mom. The phone service is also pleasant, attentive, and patient. Thanks"

Bettysue, October 2019

Polite And Helpful

"Pickup was early, perfect.  Polite introduction, very helpful.  After I called and the pickup was 20 minutes, no problem.  I had been told by dispatch that it would be 25 minutes.  Again, introduction, polite and helpful.  Very nice experience.  Thank you!"

Rae, October 2019

On Time And Courteous

"Driver Alex was on time and courteous."

Susan, September 2019