Excellent Customer Service

“Our family has been using Papuga Transportation for over 2 years to transport our mother who is wheelchair bound. They have excellent customer service from the minute you call to schedule a ride to the punctual and courteous drivers who carefully take your loved one to their destination.

One day this past fall, we had to schedule transportation for our mother to visit our father in the hospital. He was failing fast, and we wanted her to visit before he passed. I called Papuga in early afternoon and asked if there was any way to schedule roundtrip transportation to the hospital that same day. They had a full schedule but said they would call me back to see if they could work it out. Sure enough, within the hour, they called back and were able to take our mother to the hospital. Their business closes at 5:00, but the driver allowed my mother extra time to visit our father. We cannot tell you how much that meant to our family. Our father passed later that evening. Papuga helped with mom’s transportation for the funeral.

We felt confident that our mother was well taken care of while being transported to several locations over a two-day period. We highly recommend this company.”

Julie, February 2021